Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pakistan Fashion Week UK Lakhani

Lakhani Silk Mills is a veteran textile manufacturing entity known in the industry for its in-depth knowledge of the business and its products. The company specialises in producing high class products made from superior material, utilising their state of the art technology and equipment. Lakhani believe in originality, character and quality to be the main ingredients of their foundation. Waseem Fazal, chief designer at Lakhani, decdied to enter the fashion industry in the early nineties while studying Textile Design at a university in Karachi, followed by another three years in New Delhi. Seeking inspiration from all around him Waseem has a real passion for bringing out the quality of the embroidery and feel of the fabric in each of his garments. His target is to offer his unconventional yet highly classy styles to a wider audience.

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