Saturday, 1 October 2011

Omar Mansoor SS12 Collection at London Fashion Week

Omar Mansoor S/S12 Collection at London Fashion Week was truly a princess’ dream come true with its romantic shades of pink symbolizing budding desires and blush of happiness all blended with sorrow of black that comes with broken desires and unrequited love.
Omer Mansoor’s royal collection is originally inspired by Kensington Palace’s exhibition of the Enchanted Palace and its tale of seven princesses. With shades of pink and black ranging from soft blushing hues to vibrant fuchsia to black, Omer has flawlessly personified the emotions of love and sorrow in his collection.
The black gowns are elegantly simple yet royal with their satin silk fabrics stitched into romantic designs in long and short. Plus a subtle touch of Sworovski embellishments make them even more worth wearing for princesses.
Utopian shades of pink, ranging from soft pretty pastels to deeper fuchsia evokes the feelings of playfulness and kink. An ultimate dose of excellence and ethereal femininity!

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  1. Omar has shown that his work is timeless, rich in talent and has managed to establish a name for himself in the competitive industry of fashion.