Monday, 28 October 2013

Homemade Rosy Gloss

rosy gloss,homemade gloss

Gather your ingredients. This pretty lip gloss requires ingredients you can find at most health food stores. Gather up the following supplies:
1 tablespoon Shea butter
2 tablespoons sweet almond oil
1 tablespoon chopped beeswax
5 drops vitamin E oil
An old tube of lipstick in the color of your choice
Get your containers ready. Set out your lip gloss pots or tubes to ready them for pouring.
Melt the beeswax in a double boiler. Place it in the top part of a double boiler and simmer the wax until it melts entirely. Stir it until it's nice and smooth.
Add the shea butter, almond oil and vitamin E oil. Stir the ingredients with the wax until your mixture is smooth and glossy.
Use a toothpick to break off a piece of lipstick into the pot. Stirring in a small chunk of lipstick in any color you like will tint the gloss a lighter version of the same hue. Stir the lipstick well until it's completely combined with the gloss ingredients.
For darker lip gloss, add the entire stick of lipstick and stir well.
Add 5 few drops of rose extract or another scent if you'd like.
Pour the lip gloss into containers. Wash the pot right away so it doesn't end up permanently caked in gloss.
Let the lip gloss set. It's ready to use after 2 hours or overnight, once it has completely cooled.
Make sure you put your lip balm/gloss in a clean container.
Containers: You can usually find some nice tins or pots at the dollar store. At craft stores, you can sometimes find twist-up 'lipstick-like' containers.
Flavorings: You can purchase flavoring and scents for lip gloss from any good craft store; beeswax can also be purchased at the craft store or a health food store. At the grocery store you can pick up the sunflower oil and flavorings such as mint extract.

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