Monday, 28 October 2013

homemade lip balm recipes

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Spoon some petroleum jelly into a bowl. Make sure it's a microwave-safe bowl, and not a metal one. Use as much petroleum jelly as you want. You can make an entire container of lip gloss is you want to use the whole jar.
Melt the jelly in the microwave. Place the bowl in the microwave and zap it on "high" for about 30 seconds. Take it out of the microwave and give it a stir. If the jelly is still clumpy, microwave it again until it's smooth and runny.
Add some scent or flavor. You can scent or flavor the petroleum jelly by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil or extract. Try rose, almond, vanilla, cinnamon, lavender, or another favorite.
Add a spoonful of honey. This will give the gloss some shine and make it taste a little sweet on your lips. Since honey has antibacterial and moisturizing properties, it's also great for conditioning your lips and keeping them from drying out.
If you don't want to use honey, you can skip this step. Your lip gloss will still be shiny.
If you want to use a different type of sweetener, that's totally fine. Just know that your gloss might not last as long this way, because sugar, maple syrup, and other sweeteners go bad after awhile.
Stir it up. Take a spoon and stir the mixture together until the ingredients are smooth. If you want, add more honey, extract or essential oil to change the way it smells and tastes.
Pour it into a container. You can use the original petroleum jelly container or pour it into a cute makeup pot or old lip gloss container
Let it set. Set it out at room temperature or put it in the refrigerator to let it cool down. Don't use it until it's no longer runny. This lip gloss will stay a little soft, so the easiest way to apply it is with your finger or a makeup applicator brush.

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