Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Aijaz Aslam

aijaz aslam ,fashion model

The Pakistani heartthrob, Aijaaz Aslam started his career as a model with his first shoot for Men’s club magazine and impressed many TV directors, which ultimately landed him to the lead role in Drama Serial Kashkol.
From there his journey started and he became the sweetheart of the television and billboard surfaces, with 40 plus serials, 50 plus telefilms, various soaps, a few movies, many commercials and much, much more under his belt, his portfolio is exceptional and unmatched.
Today he is considered the ‘jack of all trades’ in Pakistani industry, In addition to his modeling, acting, producing capabitlities, he has also proven to be a mind blowing fashion designer with his shop at Park Towers, Karachi. From shirts to shoes, this one-time model tuned designer has also branched out into blouses, tops and blazers as part of his women’s wear collection for the winter.
Aijaaz Aslam is extremely crazy about bikes, from his college days till today; he’s the proud owner and passionate lover of bikes and rides his bike only on track not on road. Obsessed with his past, Aijaaz Aslam got a very nostalgic temperament.
Currently he is the brand ambassador for Standard Chartered Bank and in the middle of various television and silver screen projects.

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